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The Emergency Management and Continuity Planning (EMCP) Certificate Program provides participants with interdisciplinary training with an emphasis on "real" world experience. The courses that comprise the certificate are designed and presented by leading experts in the field in order to help individuals develop and refine their emergency management and continuity planning skills.



How does the Emergency Management and Continuity Planning (EMCP) Certificate program work?

All EMCP Certificate courses are delivered entirely online and rely on asynchronous discussion and collaboration as the principle form of communication. Via a Web-based system (Blackboard), class members interact extensively with one another and the professor. Students participate anytime day or night, when their schedules allow, while still meeting due dates for assignments.
What type of delivery mode is used in the Emergency Management and Continuity Planning Certificate program?
The EMCP Certificate Program promotes student-expert interaction through online discussion groups and the use of virtual "Collaboration Sessions". Course objectives are assessed by quizzes, assignments and case studies. In addition, a capstone integrated team project focuses on current business continuity problems.
Who facilitates EMCP courses?
The Emergency Management and Continuity Planning Certificate Program courses are facilitated by professionals from the UIC School of Public Health, the UIC College of Business Administration, Northern Illinois University and Argonne National Laboratory staff, as well as business continuity planners from the public and private sectors.
When should I log in to the courses?
There are no specific times or days of the week students must log in; however, students are expected to complete assignments by the due dates specified in the course syllabus. Students are encouraged to log in to the EMCP Web site at least four times per week to stay on track.
How much time should I spend on an EMCP Certificate course?
Students should expect to spend between 8-10 hours per week on course related activities. Many readings can be downloaded and/or printed, so actual online time is much less.
When will I earn my certificate?
Emergency Management and Continuity Planning certificates are awarded to students upon completion of all five courses.
Am I required to come to the University at any time?
No, Emergency Management and Continuity Planning Certificate courses are conducted entirely online and at your convenience. There is no need to come to the University of Illinois at Chicago campus.
What is the cost of the program?
Online programs are assessed UIC's e-Tuition, which is a single-rate, per credit hour tuition. See the Tuition and Fees page of this Web site for current tuition information
How does EMCP rank when compared to similar programs offered by other universities?
No formal rankings of emergency management or continuity planning programs exist; however, EMCP at UIC is in partnership with the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security (which is run by the Department of Homeland Security) and the National Academic Consortium for Homeland Security.
Is the EMCP program recognized by governmental agencies or companies as being equivalent to certification programs such as the Certified Emergency Manager® (CEM) or Associate Emergency Manager (AEM)?
No, EMCP is designed as a Certificate Program (or mini-degree), not a professional certification (like CEM, AEM , etc.). To qualify for a professional certification, one must typically complete training and have work experience. Often, one must also pass some kind of qualifying exam with the particular certifying organization. The EMCP Program helps to satisfy only the training requirement. Some EMCP students already have CEM or NIMS certifications, but this is not a requirement to be admitted into the program.
Is training for the Certified Emergency Manager® (CEM) available at UIC?
As stated above, professional certifications typically required training in the respective discipline. Based on the estimate that EMCP students spend approximately 8-10 hours per week per course, the EMCP Certificate Program equates to approximately 120-150 hours of training per semester course. One of the program requirements for the CEM ® is 100 hours of training in emergency management as well as 100 hours of training in management. This requirement would be satisfied by completing UIC's EMCP Certificate Program.
Are there any loans, scholarships or financial aid available to students admitted to the EMCP program?
Financial aid is not available to students admitted into the EMCP program. For more information, visit the UIC Financial Aid Web site at: For scholarship resources, please visit
Can students apply to the EMCP if they are still in the process of completing their undergraduate degree?
Although proof of degree is not needed to apply to the EMCP program, proof of degree is required to be admitted to and participate in the program as a credit-seeking student. This means that one can apply to the program before a degree has been awarded; however, he/she will not be officially accepted and cannot earn credit for participation in the EMCP program until proof of degree can be provided.
Are textbooks required for the EMCP program?
No, there are no required textbooks to purchase for the EMCP program. All required readings are included within the course Web sites.
What does the EMCP certificate look like?
The EMCP certificate of completion is awarded by UIC's School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Administration and is signed by the dean of the UIC School of Public Health and the director of the Department of Health Policy and Administration.
What if I have a question that is not addressed in the EMCP FAQs?
General program questions can be sent to the EMCP program via e-mail at or phone at (312) 413-5267.